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"Because of the wonders of your massage therapy, I have recovered from excruciating back pain, which I used to wake up to in the mornings. It was so bad, it was quite a struggle getting out of bed. Each morning, I had to roll my whole body like a log to get up. Not the best way to start the day. But not anymore because the pain has gone. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life!" J.G.Brown - London, England

"Trevor offers a very professional, reliable & enjoyable service. This guy knows his stuff, I can't recommend him highly enough!" K.Holmes - London, England

"I feel quite transported when I come and see you. I feel very comfortable with you and I had always imagined that having a massage would be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. It has been quite a revelation for me. It's more about handing over the trust to you so that you can do what you do so brilliantly. I had never made the link between physical contact and emotions. But I saw yesterday in particular that they are very linked. It has been happening more and more each time. It's like I can be happy and sad at the same time. Do you know why I have recommended you to quite a few people? Well, it was because of our 1st session. I was very nervous and you calmed me and I achieved what I thought I never could have done. I let someone touch me and make me feel good. I was even prepared to stop you and leave if I had to. But you did it in quite a special way. I was quite impressed and I felt connected. With what I don't know. With you? With myself? Not sure. I was kind of realigned slightly. And I was left thinking about it." M.Fraietta - Sydney, Australia

Leading a stressful work life style - I try to get a massage wherever I can. Also doing a bit of massage myself, I’m aware of what works for me best. Trevor has the art of massage like no other masseur I've been to. He's quiet intriguing and non-imposing. From the moment his hands make contact there is a subtle level of authority. Taking his time with pressure and rhythm. Working intuitively to the point of when his hands leave your body - I fell as if I've been turned in side out and put together again. He has something a lot of other masseurs don't have. You’re in for a treat - and I'd highly recommend a 90 min! B.Mably - London, England

Trevor is a terrific masseur. He really does know how to treat a stressed body, & because he is also a genuinely nice guy, he makes the massage more beneficial by listening to the clients needs as well as finding the muscle areas which require treatment. Having had regular massages for over 11 years, I have no hesitation in saying that Trevor's technique is one of the best I have ever experienced. After a 5 hour train journey, and suffering from the after-effects of a taxing theatrical performance, I was truly in need of a deep massage. Trevor gave exactly what I needed, my only regret being that I do not live in or near London, so I cannot become a regular client! P.Easson - Edinburgh, Scotland

"I was told about Trevor by a dear friend of mine. I had a massage with him and I was so impressed by his skill, his professionalism and his whole manner. I have had many massages by different people over the years, in different countries. I rate my time with Trevor at the top of the list of great massage experiences. Each time I come to London from the U.S. I plan to go to Trevor to experience again the skill and quality that he gives to his clients." Z.Landers - Santa Barbara, California

"I had my first massage with Trevor this week. He is highly professional and greatly skilled. Massage, as a treatment, is not something I have been really into, but I came away both relaxed and invigorated. It was 90 minutes of quiet and peace whilst Trevor worked on my muscles. I would say my frozen shoulder is virtually cured!!!! I highly recommend Trevor for his excellent techniques and quiet professionalism. He makes you feel confident and relaxed." S.Line - London, England

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Embody Complementry - Trevor Tennent Proffessionally Qualified for Hopi Ear Candling, Hot Stone Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Seated Acupressure Massage and Sports Massage Complementary Therapists Association

'All treatments offered here are intended as complementary to conventional medicine and are by no means an alternative to, or replacement, for any conventional therapy you may require. If you are currently receiving medical treatment for a particular condition, I may require a letter of clearance from your GP or consultant before treating you'.

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